Make Money With A Cell Phone Buy Back Business

A Cell Phone Buy Back Business?

Exactly like it sounds.  The next time you go to a Verizon or AT&T store and you upgrade your cell phone, think about the offer that they give you for unused old cell phone.  It’s pitiful really, a cell phone that retails for over 500 dollars and the best you can get is less than $100.00?  How does that feel?  Most people are shocked and disappointed when hearing the value of their old cell phones.  You can now start your own cell phone buy back business and give people real money for those phones.  Not only will they be happy with the service you provide, you will be raking in all kinds of money on the side! It is a win win situation for those involved.

Why a cell phone buy back business?

The basic business model is as follows.  You offer cash for used, old cell phones to local customers in your area and grab all the used, broken smartphones that you can find.  After studying how much they sell for regularly on eBay, you will have an idea of how much to offer to make a profit.  Once you pay for the used cell phones, list them on eBay and rake in cash.  Sounds simple, it is.  The only work required is to go out and get those cell phones and make sure you are getting them at the correct prices.  There are a few other trick of the trade, to learn more get the Resell Cells Guide Now!

I’m sure you are asking yourself “why does this work?” or saying “this sounds like a cheesy scam”  You might very well not be comfortable starting a cell phone buy back business and that is OK.  However, if you are a shark, and love to wheel and deal you could be making a six figure salary on top of your regular job with this business on the side.  The key is that people need extra money at different times in their life for various reasons.  Those unused cell phones are the perfect way to generate a few extra bucks at the end of the month.  People will sell their cell phones to you because of the prices you can afford to pay.  Look online and check out some of the big time players in the cell phone buy back business.  Yes, they do offer quick money for a cell phone.  You can do so much better than those prices though and steal their business.  The reason why? No overhead.  You will become a lifesaver and a godsend to your customers once they realize the amount of money you can dish out for their old cell phones.  Once you have a few satisfied customers you can count on this business snowballing and growing rapidly, just like it did for us.

Stop wasting time and start your own cell phone buy back business today with the Resell Cells Guide and start raking in cash while helping local people out!

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