Free Excel Spread Sheet

I have taken the time to make your lives easier…..only just a little easier so don’t get too excited.  I set up an excel spreadsheet that allows you to estimate both your ebay/paypal fees and what your total profit will be after those fees.  Keep in mind two things

  1. This is meant to estimate, it is not exact so your actual fees and profits might vary
  2. It is free and something I put together for people without excel experience

If you already know excel this will be nothing new for you, but I saved you some time putting in the formulas.  Here is the deal

I have filled out the first column as an example-  Under cell phone you can type the model name.  I would do this because the more data you can collect the better off you will be as you grow.  After that just enter the price that you bought the cell phone under column B and the selling price under column C….the spreadsheet will do the rest.

So where can you get this free spread sheet?  Simple, SUBSCRIBE to the email list on the left hand column of this page and I’ll email you the link!   Enjoy!


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