Good example of a craigslist ad

Here is a great example of how to post on craiglist to make money selling cell phones. I got this from here

“We pay cash for your cell phones!! Looking to buy (Android, iPhone, Blackberry) – Paying top dollar

If you have Android-based phones, iPhones or other smartphones please reply with the model and qty you have available. We pay cash on the spot. The only other way to sell these devices is to put them into an envelope and mail it to a company and AFTER they inspect it, they send you a check. the whole prcess takes time and you never know what you will receive, never-mind having to mail it. I pay cash on the spot, period!!

We’re looking to buy these immediately.

New retail sealed, factory recertified, preferably with boxes. If you recently changed plans and have old cell phones around turn them into cash!! Send me Manufacturer, Model and condition. In order to qualify for payment all handset(s) must be in working condition. They will power-up and make a test call. They will not be crushed, water damaged or have broken LCD’s. Housings should be complete and unbroken. All handset(s) shall have a valid ESN. CASH is paid on the spot. REUSE DO NOT DISCARD!!! ”


For those of you that are not sure how to go about posting ads on craigslist, I think this is a pretty good start.  You could probably even do a little cut and past and change some words around to make it applicable to your own needs.  They have targeted the competition (online websites that buy used phones) and explained the advantages to doing business with them vs. the websites.  Clearly this buyer is only looking for working phones,  those are less of a risk of buying as it is close to a sure thing they will sell and make some extra cash.  Another great part of this listing is asking to send manufacturer, model and condition……now you have time to do research and get an idea of prices.

This just goes to show you that THERE IS MONEY TO BE MADE BUYING AND SELLING USED CELL PHONES!  Download the free report and get out there and make yourself some extra cash!

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