How to Make Money From Nothing

There are numerous ways to make money on the side; the problem is that many of those methods require some type of investment. The saying that money goes where money is holds true here. In order to make a significant amount of money, there needs to be an investment. Think about any type of business that could make money, bars and restaurants pop up daily with unique ideas to generate income. For many of us, the money for the initial investment to start a business just isn’t feasible. Loans involve a high amount of risk if the idea never pans out. What if you could learn how to make money from nothing, you could start your own business and be your own boss with an initial investment of around a hundred dollars?

One of the easiest ways to start a business is to use an online platform. There is no overhead involved here, no rent to be paid and no time spent looking for the ideal location. With the method that I am showing you, you don’t even need to invest in a website, you can use sites that already exist and are free to use. You also don’t need to learn the basics of websites or seo to generate traffic, if you can type and search online then you can get started.

The cell phone business is rapidly growing and ever changing, new cell phones come out constantly that make your current cell phone obsolete. The business that you will be starting takes advantage of cell phone users in your local area. You will leverage the fact that many people get new cell phones every year, it doesn’t matter the reason, the result is that they have old cell phones laying around that they would gladly give to you in exchange for instant cash.

There are a few reasons why people are looking to sell their cell phones, they might not want to break a contract in order to get a cool, newer cell phone or they just refuse to pay retail for a new phone. I don’t blame them, my iPhone 4S cost me 200.00 with a contract, the retail for that cell phone is much higher. If they can sell their current cell phone for 100-150 dollars or more, that lessens the blow of a new purchase. With the current state of the economy and money being tougher to come by, people are also willing to sell their cell phones to get money immediately.

What does all this mean? People want someone to buy their cell phones. They are desperate and need the cash. Check craigslist and look for yourself at all the cell phones for sale. These people will be your business partners, but only if they meet a few key criteria. First, they need to be local. Because you are starting your business with no investment you are not going to waste gas driving all over the place. Second, they need to be desperate. There are other people out there making profits selling cell phones on line. These people know what cell phones and what prices will generate profits. Stay away from them. The people that you are looking for are the ones that have no idea how much their cell phone will sell for on eBay, or view listing it on eBay as a hassle that they are not going to bother with.

Your basic business model is as follows, find the owners of these cell phones and purchase their phones at a price that will generate a profit for you. Remember, these people don’t know what the phone is worth so in many instances you can make 100-150% profits on those phones. This is the only investment that you will need to make for your business. After you sell your first cell phone you can use the profits to continue buying phones and making more and more money. Once you buy the cell phone at a low ball price, you will list it on eBay and sell it to the hungry market. Provided that the phone is in demand, do your research with eBay Pulse, it will sell easily.

This is an extremely simple business model that will have you making money from nothing in as little as a week. The key is to stay local and get as many cell phones as you can for as low of a price as the owners are willing to accept. If you are the only game in town people will begin to seek you out in order to get money for their cell phones. This is a great way to start your own business with no risks involved and is completely legal. You just have to be willing to take a few minutes out of your day to search ads on craigslist and research cell phones on eBay. If done correctly, you can start to generate cash the very first week.

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