How to use Ebay Pulse to help you make extra money selling 2nd hand mobile phones

Learning to use ebay pulse can save lots of time and effort and help you make extra money selling 2nd hand mobile phones. This tool can help you get an idea of what is trending on ebay and what items are being searched most frequently.  By learning to use ebay pulse you can stay ahead of the game and also learn what types of phones are selling and what prices they are being sold for.  A few of the more popular phones of 2011 were

  • Iphone4
  • HTC mobile
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Blackberry Torch

We already know that these phones were popular in 2011, but it is now 2012 so you can bet people are starting to get rid of these cool phones to get something new.  By using ebay pulse, it is possible to find if these cell phones are in demand and what people are willing to pay for these phones  This information is valuable to use when finding new cell phones to buy  because you can get an idea of what phones will generate greater profits when you go and re sell them on ebay.

Begin by going to the ebay pulse website (do a google search for ebay pulse). Find where there is a category option and choose cell phones and PDAs.   Once you have selected the cell phone category you will see a list of  the most popular searches.  You will now know what types of cell phones are popular and are being searched for, but you will need to find out some more information.  Click on any cellphone listed. Once you click your choice of cell phone, you will be taken to the ebay auction listing for that phone.  This is where you will get your valuable information.  There are a few shortcuts to make this whole search process more efficient.

  1. There are tabs on the top of the auction listing,  you will want to select “auction only”
  2. Sort the auction listings by “time: ending soonest”
  3. Under the condition category on the left hand side of the page select “used”

Once you have made these changes take a look at two things,  the number of bids on the phone and the current price.  This will allow you to learn if there is significant interest in the cell phone and if you should buy it.  You can also determine what people are willing to pay for a cell phone in its used state.  Once you know what the current market value for the used cell phone is, you then will have an idea of what you might be willing to pay for the cell phone in order to make a profit after you resell it.


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