You found this page because you were interested in making some extra money using very little of your free time.  You are probably wondering,

“Is it really possible to make good money buying and selling used cell phones using craigslist?”

“Is this legit and legal?”

The answer to those questions is YES, yes you can make money buying and selling used cell phones on craigslist. There is nothing illegal about this and there are no scams involved.  People sell items on craigslist everyday, the reason why? It is a free method of advertisement and more importantly, people want money NOW and FAST.  For those reasons alone you are doing people a service by purchasing their used and old cell phone for cash.

Start Your Own Business From Home

Everyone can use extra money, the problem is making more money usually comes with a price.  That price is your free time.  Sure, you can get an extra job but then you have another boss and more of your free time that belongs to someone else.  Nobody wants that, not when you can be making good money for only 30 minutes out of your day.

“Is this a scam?”

“How much will this cost?”

No, this isn’t a scam and it there is no money to invest in buying a store front, you operate from your own home.  Here is the deal, people that are LOCAL to your area have cell phones that they need to get rid of for a few reasons

  • They do not want to opt out of their contract but want a new phone
  • They have a cell phone no longer in use
  • Times are tough and they just need cash

Regardless of why people might want to sell you their used cell phones, you need to buy them.  This is the only investment that you need to make.  You will pay cash for used cell phones from people in your area and then in turn resell these phones on ebay for a profit.  Take a look that the three reasons that I just described again, here is why it works.

You are providing a service by offering to buy the cell phone.  There are thousands of people that are selling cell phones on eBay, you want to stay away from them because they are educated on prices.  These people are the exception and you NEVER use the exception to try to prove the rule. You can make money off of local people because they have NO IDEA HOW MUCH THEIR PHONE IS WORTH.  These people don’t want the hassle of listing a cell phone on eBay, they never even considered it.  They just want fast cash.  Because of this, you can buy their cell phones at a low price and turn around and make handsome profits.

Originally, I was looking for a way to make some extra money without getting another job and devoting all my free time to it.  I started trying to buy different items on craigslist or from garage sales and sell them on eBay.  I sold a few old bicycles, computers and various electronics.  It wasn’t until I started picking up cell phones here and there that I realized I had stumbled on a gold mine.  The cell phones ALWAYS sold quickly and the profits were huge.  Once the writing was on the wall I started to focus more and more on cell phones.  I would place an ad on craigslist and offer to meet at a public location, paying money on the spot for their cell phones.  This isn’t a scam, it is no different than buying a used guitar on craigslist.  Someone has an item for sale and people buy it.  When I first started, I made a lot of mistakes.  I would pay too much for cell phones or purchase cell phones that had very little value.  Despite my mistakes, I slowly started to see profits creeping up….

Forget about supplemental income, I was making more income in a week than my full time job paid and it cost me less than an hour of my free time a day!

I kept getting more and more people interested in selling me their cell phones and because it is completely local, I just had to jump in the car and meet somewhere.  Think about it, every few months a new cell phone comes out that people NEED to have.  What happens to the old one?  Usually nothing.  This won’t stop being profitable until companies stop making cell phones.

There are some tricks to this trade and there is a learning curve.  I stumbled upon this perfect guide that highlights all the mistakes that I made on my own when starting out. The ResellCell’s guide provides you with

  • A 50 page eBook explaining the whole process
  • 10 videos that detail WHAT TO DO TO MAKE MONEY
  • 60 day money back GUARANTEE
  • An updated spreadsheet that shows you EXACTLY what cell phones will make you profit and HOW MUCH to pay for them

You don’t have to worry about making any mistakes now because Ross shows you both situations to watch out for and what to do in the event that they occur.  I really wish that I had know this was around when I got started because it would’ve saved me a lot of time and frustration.  Now this can be a simple business for anyone to set up and start earning money right away…no learning needed.