Make Money Off The Samsung Galaxy ICE

The recent samsung galaxy ice cream sandwich (ICS) update has many people that are unhappy with the performance of their cell phones.  If you are one of those consumers then I feel for you, a new phone or update is right around the corner, they always are.  With the complaints of email working improperly, battery draining quicker and contacts and apps being messed up I can see people jumping ship and moving toward the iPhone.  If we are making money buying and selling cell phones, here is a brief guide as far as what I am doing to turn this problem into profit.  If you are interested in learning the complete methods make sure to get this guide now

  1. Take a peak on ebay just like I have taught before and memorize the going rate of cell phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II (going rate as of late is 300-350 on ebay)
  2. Look for these phones on craigslist and be sure to ask “how much are you looking to get?”  Don’t forget to do this as you can increase your margins by quite a bit if the phone owner is frustrated and uneducated.
  3. NEW TIP!!!  If you have been doing this for any period of time you know that ebay/paypal fees slaughter your profits but they are a necessary evil….or are they?  I have been using these opportunities to resell or trade other cell phones that you currently have in your possession.  If you happen to have an iPhone on hand, offer it up at a price so that you can circumvent those eBay fees.  More often than not, the customer is frustrated with the cell phone but doesn’t want to buy a new one they just want a phone that works.  If you can trade a lesser grade iPhone with a newer Samsung Galaxy (or any cell phone for that matter) You can increase your margins for profit.  Just remember how much you need to make on the phone you offer up for trade so that you are not losing money.  I rarely will do a straight up trade, always try and get some cash out of the deal as well.

This should keep you busy with your cell phone business and allow you to make some huge profits off the Samsung Galaxy ice cream sandwich update.  Don’t forget, if you are looking for a complete guide to buying and selling used cell phones and be on your way to financial freedom GET THIS GUIDE NOW

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