new article on the way

I am currently working on an article about using ebay pulse to help you find information about what phones are currently selling and whats hot and not. This information can save a great deal of time and help you make money selling cellphones.

Big profits

I had a great day yesterday selling cellphones.  I figured I would share this with those of you following along as some motivation.  I’ll keep this brief because it is getting late, but, I managed a little over $400.00 profit.  Here are the details -Nexus phone….bought for 265,  sold for 495!   Iphone  bought for 150 … Continue reading

Superbowl ads

  One of the most memorable superbowl ads was the samsung phone commercial.  This ad got me thinking about how sustainable this business really is.  New cellphones come out every year and with each new phone there is some piece of technology that people will need to have.  Consumers will be locked into a contract and want … Continue reading

How do 2nd hand mobile phones make money?

So today I am having a cigar with a buddy in the “cellphone business”  and we get on the topic of why buying 2nd hand mobile phones locally and selling them on ebay works.  He suggested that he also was going to try and sell other items for people and charge them for being the middle man.  … Continue reading

Who needs extra money?

I was lucky enough to stumble on this money making method on my own.  As a teacher, and someone who is generally interested in helping people,  I decided to take my time to pass on my experiences to everyone else.  I have a softspot for fellow educators because I know how much we can use … Continue reading


The one constant that I have seen in everyone from kids to adults is cellphones.  Teaching at both the high school and elementary level taught me one thing,  everyone is interested in cellphones and everyone has a cellphone.  More importantly, cellphones are such a hot topic and are constantly advancing and kids want the newest … Continue reading